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Welcome to Paterson School

Paterson School The educational focus at Paterson School District is to help students to learn, to grow and to succeed. Every effort is made to provide instruction that is based on the individual needs of the students attending school in this K-8 rural setting. A variety of assessment strategies are used to diagnose needs, plan instructional strategies and document student success. In keeping with the district’s focus and with the Washington State Essential Learning Requirements, instruction is designed to help move students forward in their efforts to . . .

  • Read with comprehension, write with skill, and communicate effectively and responsibly in a variety of ways and settings.
  • Know and apply the core concepts and principles of mathematics; social, physical and life sciences; civics and history; geography; arts; and health and fitness.
  • Think analytically, logically, and creatively, and to integrate experience and knowledge to form reasoned judgements and solve problems.
  • Understand the importance of work and how performance, effort, and decisions directly affect career and educational opportunities.


Our Mission

To serve Paterson children by building an uncommon school where students partake of a rigorous, extended day academic program that gives them the means to succeed in school and life, no matter their background or circumstance.

To shape an intimate, supportive, engaging school community where classes are small and personalized; where parents are partners; where teachers teach with passion and commitment; and where all the adults model—and all the students develop and live—the values of caring, courage, justice, respect, and responsibility.

To generate for students a transformative experience at an age when they are forging their very identities and lifetime aspirations and to cultivate in them the belief that they shape their own destinies: each one worthy of greatness and goodness, each one capable of—and responsible for—serving the community and the world around them.


Upcoming Events & Information

  •  JOB OPENINGS, Download Information here
  •  *** BOOK MOBILE STARTS (every other Tuesday): Mar 3rd
  •  STEM FAIR: Thursday, February 27th
  •  END OF 2nd TRIMESTER: Wednesday, March 4th
  •  PTO MEETING: Thursday, March 19th
  •  ADVENTURE FRIDAY: March 20th
  •  CONFERENCE WEEK: Monday, March 23rd – Thursday, March 26th
  •  NO SCHOOL, SPRING BREAK: Monday, March 30th – Friday, April 3rd
  •  ADVENTURE FRIDAY: April 10th
  •  PTO MEETING; Thursday, April 16th
  •  ADVENTURE FRIDAY: April 24th
  •  PTO MEETING: Thursday, May 21st
  •  NO SCHOOL, MEMORIAL DAY: Monday, May 25th
  •  GRADUATION: Tuesday, June 2nd
  •  LAST DAY OF SCHOOL: Thursday, June 4th
  • *** Monthly REPEATING Event


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